This course consists of guided meditations, for competitive athletes and performers , helping them access their "flow state" on a more frequent basis, leading to improved results and more thorough enjoyment of their competitive endeavours.

If you compete in sport or another discipline you are possibly always looking for ways to improve your ability to compete at your best, consistently. You may struggle with mental challenges such as poor concentration and focus, anxiety and nerves, low confidence and self esteem, anger issues. All these issues can be overcome through a consistent meditation practice. When meditating we learn to quieten the mind and access our inner stillness, our inner strength, allowing us to live life more in the present and allowing us to compete with more clarity of mind and enjoyment. I designed this meditation programme drawing on my vast experience gained as a professional tennis player, as a coach to top performance athletes and as a yoga and meditation teacher who has practiced yoga and meditation for over 25 years.
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What's on offer

What's included in the course?

  • Goal Setting Guides, Questionnaires & Worksheets for your Mental Game

  • 12 Guided Meditations specifically designed for anyone competing in the sporting or performance world. (Hours of guided meditation time, including a bonus meditation "Yoga Nidra for Athletes")

  • Guidance on how to prepare for a meditation

  • Guidance on how to practice the meditations in the package to get the best results from them

Course Curriculum

Chapters and Lessons

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    • An overview of Be Present-Compete

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  5. 5
    • The How, When and Why of the Meditations

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  • What is this course?

    The Be Present - Compete Programme is an audio programme consisting of 12 guided meditations specifically created for athletes or performers who compete regularly in their sport/discipline and who are looking to overcome challenges they have regarding their mental game. 

  • Who is this course for?

    This programme is for athletes and performers, from amateur to professional level, who compete in a sport or discipline. It is designed to help those who are looking for ways to improve their ability to compete with full awareness and to deal with issues that are affecting their performance when they compete. Issues such as nerves and anxiety, anger, low confidence, poor concentration and focus, and general inconsistencies in performance. With commitment to a consistent practice of the meditations in this programme the practitioner can open up the potential to compete with full clarity of mind. This leads to a fulfilling enjoyment of the sport/discipline and can lead to results that were previously deemed out of their reach. 

  • If I've never meditated before how can this course help me in my sport/discipline?

    The meditations are designed in a way so that anyone from a complete beginner to an experienced meditator can follow along. Through the meditations the practitioner is taken on a journey inwards, helping them to become more aware of their breath, their body and their thoughts. This increased breath, body and mind awareness can help the practitioner recognise habits that aren't serving them. Once that recognition has been made, change can occur. And improvements can be made. Clarity of mind is what's needed for an athlete/performer to be in their "flow state".  Through meditation, competing 'in the zone"  becomes more consistent, anxiety reduces and focus improves.

  • What do the PDF Documents contain?

    There are three pdf documents in the course. The first one welcomes you to the course and it includes advice on how to and what order you should practice the meditations. The second pdf is a Goal Setting Guide and a Goal Setting Worksheet. This Goal Setting Chapter is for your mental game. You are Guided through the process of setting mental goals for yourself through explanations of the different types of goals, a questionnaire and a journaling sheet.   The third pdf gives you examples of which meditations you can use when trying to work on a specific area of your mental game.

  • How much is Be Present - Compete?

    There are 2 options for payment when purchasing Be Present - Compete. You can access the content monthly by paying €12 per month. Or you can avail of the discount by purchasing an annual subscription for €120

  • How long will I have access to the content of the course?

    By paying €12 monthly you have full access to all content in BE PRESENT - COMPETE for a month from your payment date. If you CANCEL your subscription, it will not be renewed on the next payment date, but you will have full access to the content until the end of your paid-for period. This applies to the annual contract as well. You'll have full access to the content until the end of your paid-for period.

  • How do I access the course?

    IF you decide you want to purchase the course you will have to create a free account. All this requires is an email address and you create your own password. You will then be directed to the payment page. Once the payment is made you're ready to begin the course and start your meditation practice.

  • Are there any times when I shouldn't practice meditation?

    You should never listen to the meditations in this course whilst driving or operating machinery

  • Can I listen to a free preview?

    Yes. You can listen to a Free Preview of the Visualisation for Peak Performance by clicking the button below.


Dave Mullins

Managing Director of the Intercollegiate Tennis Association, Former Division I Head Tennis Coach, ATP ranked tennis player, All-American, Irish Davis Cup Member, Guinness World Record Holder

“Most coaches acknowledge the importance of working on the mental side of an athletes development but very few have any clear sense of where to start and how to consistently help their players deal with the ups and downs of training and competition. Yvonne has captured much of what a coach and athlete need to know about meditation to create a daily mental practice which will serve the athlete in many ways both on and off the court. There is something here for every situation; pre-match, during a match, post match relaxation and a daily practice to help athletes become more aware of their thinking patterns and to become more focused.”

Merlin Van de Braam

Coach Development & Support Team, LTA

"The meditations in BE PRESENT - COMPETE are ideal to get players started who need to be more mindful when playing. The user interface is slick so it makes it easy to do on the phone. Some great content in the pdfs too which every player can benefit from Great audio tracks and resources for players. Nice work Yvonne Doyle for putting it together."

Andrew Williams

Course Participant

The progressions were very good for learning the technique, particularly combined with Yvonne Doyle's wonderfully calming voice. Hard to see how this course can be improved - it's excellent already. Thank you, the course has been a great help.

Mareze Joubert

Former Professional Tennis Player and Co-Founder of Get a Grip Tennis Academy

"I met Yvonne while competing on the Women's Tennis Tour. Yvonne always had a calm exterior and an edge over most of us in that front - I always wished I had a little of that! Monica Seles once said that tennis is a 110% in the head and it's the most under trained part of the game. I can't recommend Yvonne's "Be Present - Compete" program enough to any aspiring tennis player"

Aisling Kirwan

Ultra Marathon Runner

"Yvonne Doyle is an amazing Yoga teacher but her guided meditations and visualization techniques in the Be Present - Compete programme, for athletes of all kinds and levels, are simply some of the best I have come across. One very talented woman"

John Mc Gahon

Current Irish Fed Cup Captain and Founder of Macxtennisacademy

"Yvonne Doyle's meditation for athlete's programme, "Be Present - Compete", is just like her tennis career! Top Drawer!"

Yvonne Doyle

Creator & Instructor

Yvonne is a former Professional Tennis Player, a Tennis Coach and a Yoga and Meditation teacher. She represented her country for over 20 years as a player and as non-playing captain of the Irish Fed Cup Team for 6 years. She continues to teach tennis but now spends most of her time teaching Yoga and Meditation to Adults, Athletes and Children.
Yvonne Doyle

Why I created this course

Why I created this course? I have experienced first hand the many mind battles an athlete faces while trying to achieve their goals. Meditation for me became the most important part of my tennis training. No matter how good I felt physically or how well I was hitting the ball, if my mind wasn't right, I was never able to compete near my best. I created this programme because, over the years, as a coach, I was frustrated. Frustrated at my inability to help athletes improve their mental game. I would touch on the common mental issues athletes needed to address and I would advise on solutions but it was never all packaged together.  So I decided to create a package of honest guided  meditations that are created from my experience as a former Professional Athlete, a Coach to players from beginner to professional level, a former Captain of the Irish ladies National Tennis Team and as a Yoga and Meditation teacher.  With commitment to a consistent practice in meditation an athlete can tackle their mental challenges in a mindful way. Self awareness will be enhanced, clarity of mind improved, unlocking their true inner power, resulting in a successful relationship between the athlete and their sport. Results in the competitive arena are then sure to follow. And an enhanced satisfaction in playing the sport can be attained.