• What is a bundle?

    A Bundle is where we combine a number of courses together so people can purchase them together. Usually bundles work out more cost effective. In this case BE PRESENT - COMPETE & YOGA FOR TENNIS have been combined together in a "Bundle".

  • How can I find out what content is in the Bundle

    The Bundle is made up of two courses, BE PRESENT - COMPETE & YOGA FOR TENNIS. You can learn all about what these packages offer by clicking on the pictures of the courses directly above the FAQs

  • How much is the Bundle "BE & YOGA FOR TENNIS" PRESENT ?

    When purchasing the Bundle Be Present - Compete & Yoga for Tennis online package there are two options available for payment. You can access the full content of the 2 courses (the Bundle) by paying €18 per month. Or you can make a one-time payment of €175.

  • How long will I have access to the content of the course?

    Paying the one time payment of €175 will grant you full access to the content of the Bundle Be Present - Compete & Yoga for Tennis for the lifetime of the courses, for as long as BE PRESENT - COMPETE and YOGA FOR TENNIS continues to run, and guaranteed access for AT LEAST one year after you enrol. The 2nd option is to pay €18 on a rolling monthly basis. If you cancel the rolling contract, it will not be renewed on the next payment date, but you will have full access to the content until the end of your paid-for period.

  • How do I access the course?

    If you decide you want to purchase the course you will have to create a free account. All this requires is an email address and you create your own password. You will then be directed to the payment page. Once the payment is made you're ready to begin the course and start the practices.